turbocharger  is a device that increases the amount of air going into the combustion chamber, which increases the engine's power output.

A turbocharger is a mechanical device that is used to compress the air that is being used in an internal combustion engine. It is typically used in vehicles and heavy-duty machinery, such as trucks, buses and heavy equipment, to increase the efficiency and power of the engine.

It's more likely that you're referring to a turbocharger within the context of Automotive engineering. Turbochargers are often used in diesel engines and smaller gasoline engines to increase power output. They use exhaust gases to power a turbine which in turn compresses the air that is fed into the engine. This results in increased power and performance of the engine.

Examples of vehicles that might use a turbocharger include sports cars, high-performance trucks, and racing vehicles, and also in some heavy equipment like excavators, loaders, etc.

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