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TAB  is the Airport Code of Scarborough - Crown Point International in Trinidad and Tobago
Table d'Hote Menu  is french: 'host's table'.
Table Service  is a type of restaurant service in which guests are seated at a table and waited on by food servers. Four basic styles of table service are:
Table Skirt  is a piece of linen that covers the sides of the table.
Table Top Display  is a portable display that CAN be placed on top of a table.
Tableware  is the eating, drinking and Serving utensils used when setting a table for dining. These CAN include:
Cutlery, such as knives, forks, and spoons
Hollowware such

Tabriz  is a major city in Iran (278).

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  • Country: Iran
  • Population: 1,365,476
  • Total area: ?? (if you know it, add a comment below) km2
  • Sightseeing :
  • Airport :
French: Ensemble du bazar historique de Tabriz
The Tabriz Historic Bazaar Complex is a World Heritage Site in Iran (Islamic Republic of) defined by the UNESCO in 2010 and definitely a recommended cultural sightseeing location.
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