Deutsch: Weblink / Español: Enlace web / Português: Link da Web / Français: Lien Web / Italiano: Collegamento Web /

A weblink, also known as a hyperlink or just a link, is a reference to a specific website or webpage that is embedded in a document or another website. Weblinks are usually highlighted or underlined and can be clicked on or tapped to access the linked website or webpage.

Weblinks are an important part of the World Wide Web, as they allow users to easily navigate between different websites and access the information they are looking for. Weblinks can be included in a variety of different types of documents and media, including websites, emails, social media posts, and online documents.

To create a weblink, you can use HTML code to specify the URL (web address) of the webpage you want to link to, along with the text or image that will serve as the link. When a user clicks on the link, their web browser will open the linked webpage. Weblinks are typically used to provide additional information, resources, or context to the content of a document or webpage.

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