Needs are the those aspects of the life a person can"t do without.

In the context of travel, needs refer to the basic requirements or necessities that a customer or traveler must have in order to have a comfortable and safe trip. These needs may include basic amenities such as accommodation, transportation, food, and safety.

Examples of needs in the travel, transport and hotel context include:

  • Accommodation needs, such as a comfortable place to stay, clean and safe facilities, and basic amenities such as running water and electricity.
  • Transportation needs, such as a reliable and safe means of getting from one place to another, whether by plane, train, car, or bus.
  • Food needs, such as access to nourishing meals and clean water, especially for long-distance travel
  • Safety needs, such as protection from crime, accidents, and natural disasters, and access to emergency services.
  • Communication needs, such as access to internet and phone service, especially for travelers who are away from home.
  • Medical needs, such as access to basic health care, especially for travelers who have a medical condition.

Meeting the needs of customers and travelers is essential in the travel, transport and hotel industry, as it helps to ensure that customers have a comfortable and safe trip. By providing a range of options that meet customer needs, businesses can attract and retain customers, and ultimately increase their revenue.

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