intercooler is a device used with turbochargers to cool exhaust gas, thereby decreasing the temperature of the air entering the combustion chamber, since cooler air produces more power.

An intercooler is a mechanical device that is used to cool the compressed air that is being used in an internal combustion engine. It is typically used in high-performance vehicles and heavy-duty machinery, such as trucks and buses, and can help to increase the efficiency and power of the engine.

It's more likely that you're referring to an intercooler within the context of Automotive engineering, where it is used to cool the compressed air that is being used in an internal combustion engine. In this context, an intercooler helps to increase the density of the air that is being fed into the engine, which can result in increased power and performance.

Examples of vehicles that might use an intercooler include sports cars, high-performance trucks, and racing vehicles.

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