Glossary B

B & B  is the Bed & Breakfast; usually a quaint, country-style Accommodation with a small number of rooms, that includes breakfast each morning

B/L/D  is the Booking includes breakfast, lunch and dinner.

French: Baalbek
The Baalbek is a World Heritage Site in Lebanon defined by the UNESCO in 1984 and definitely a recommended cultural sightseeing location.
It might be in our monthly survey.

Back to back  is a term used to describe tours operating on a consistent, continuing basis.

back-to-back ticket(ing)  is an against-the-rules practice whereby an air ticket is issued round-trip with only one Portion to be used.

Backpack  is a carrying pack with two Shoulder straps that CAN be comfortably carried on your back.

Backpacker  is a (usually young) independent traveller; typically carries a rucksack and stays in cheap, locally owned accommodation.

Backpacking  is the Travel to experience different cultures, local color, shoestring budget, rugged terrain, adventure Travel - usually with a companion or alone, with a backpack; McGyver-ish