Deutsch: Billigfluggesellschaft / Español: Aerolínea de bajo costo / Português: Companhia aêrea de baixo custo / Français: Compagnie aêrienne à bas prix / Italiano: Compagnia aerea a basso costo

Budget airlines (low-cost carrier or low-cost airline) are these very popular airlines specialise in short-haul routes at bargain prices. For these low prices the consumer makes a trade off and should be aware that:

  • The flights are often made to and from secondary airports (you should always check)
  • Flight prices often do not include in-flight refreshments/food
  • Fewer comfort
  • There is often no numbered seat allocation
  • Cheapest fares are fixed and changes are non-refundable
  • You will tend to get the best prices when you book online. Extra fares may even be charged for telephone bookings


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