Complimentary (comps)  is the items provided free of charge, such as rooms, mealstickets, airfare, gifts, souvenirs, etc

"Complimentary" in the context of travel generally refers to services, amenities or products that are provided without charge or at no additional cost.

  1. In the context of hotels, "Complimentary" may refer to amenities such as breakfast, Wi-Fi, parking, or shuttle services that are included in the room rate and do not require any additional payment. For example, a hotel might advertise that they offer "Complimentary breakfast" to guests.

  2. In the context of transportation, "Complimentary" may refer to services such as baggage handling, seat selection, or refreshments that are included in the fare and do not require any additional payment. For example, an airline might offer "Complimentary baggage handling" for its passengers.

  3. In the context of tours, "Complimentary" may refer to services or amenities such as entrance fees, guide service, or equipment rental that are included in the tour package and do not require any additional payment. For example, a tour operator might offer "Complimentary entrance fees" to certain attractions for its tour participants.

These are some examples, but again, the context may provide different meaning to the word.

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