Amenities are the services and extras offered by a Travel supplier.

In the travel context, "amenities" refers to the additional services and facilities that are provided to guests or customers to enhance their experience. Amenities can include anything from basic necessities such as bedding and towels, to more luxurious features such as room service, spa services, or recreational facilities.

For example, in a hotel context, amenities might include things like a swimming pool, a fitness center, a business center, or a restaurant. Similarly, in a transportation context, amenities might include things like Wi-Fi, in-flight entertainment, or power outlets for charging devices.

Amenities can make a big difference in the overall quality of the travel and transportation experience and are often used by companies in this industry to differentiate themselves from their competitors. Many hotels and transportation companies now offer a wide range of amenities to attract and retain customers and guests, such as in-room mini bars, 24-hour room service, or even a complimentary breakfast.

Amenities can vary greatly depending on the type of travel or transportation, for example, in cruise ships amenities can include things like a casino, a spa, or a fitness center, while in a camping site, amenities can include things like a camp store, fire pits, and showers.

Overall, amenities in the travel and transportation context refer to the additional services and facilities that are provided to enhance the guest or customer experience and make their journey more comfortable and enjoyable.

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