Family-Style Service is a Table Service style in which food is placed on large platters or in large bowls before being taken to the tables by servers. Guests serve themselves and pass the food around their table.

"Family-style service" in the travel, transport, and hotel context refers to a type of service where dishes are brought to the table in large serving platters or bowls, and guests can help themselves to the food. This type of service is often associated with a casual, relaxed atmosphere and is typically used in more informal settings, such as in family-style restaurants, hotels, or transportation.

For example, in a hotel restaurant, family-style service might involve serving dishes such as roasted meats, vegetables, or pasta in large platters, and allowing guests to serve themselves. Similarly, in a transportation context, family-style service might be offered on a train or a bus, where guests can help themselves to food that is set up in a buffet style.

Family-style service is often considered to be more casual and relaxed than traditional table service, and it can be a good option for groups or families, as it allows guests to share food and conversation in a more informal setting. It also can be a cost-effective solution for hotels and transportation companies.

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