Table Service  is a type of restaurant service in which guests are seated at a table and waited on by food servers. Four basic styles of table service are: American, English, French, Russian.

In the context of travel, table service refers to a service provided by staff in which food and drinks are served to customers at their tables. This service is usually offered in restaurants, hotels and other settings in which customers sit and eat.

Examples of table service in the travel, transport, and hotel context include:

  • Restaurants that offer table service, where customers order their food and drinks from a menu, and waiters or waitresses bring the food and drinks to their tables.
  • Hotels that offer table service in their restaurants, where customers can order room service, and the food and drinks are delivered to their room on a tray.
  • Cruise ships that offer table service in their dining rooms, where customers are assigned a table and a waiter serves them food and drinks.
  • Luxury train journeys that offer table service in their dining car, where customers are served food and drinks while enjoying the scenic views.
  • Some airlines, they offer table service in the business class cabins, where customers are served food and drinks on their tray tables.

Table service is a common service offered in the travel, transport and hotel industry, it is often seen as a way to enhance the customer experience, and make them feel more comfortable and satisfied. This service often requires a higher level of skill and training for the staff, as they must be able to take orders, serve food and drinks, and perform other tasks such as clearing tables and making recommendations.


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