Glossary F

The travel glossary. Letter F +++ 'France', 'Finland', 'Faroe Islands'
F&B  is the division in a Hospitality organisation that is responsible for preparing and Serving food and beverages within the organisation or property.
FAA  is the Federal Aviation Agency is a government agency responsible for the safety of civil aviation and a part of the Department of Transportation. Major roles include: Regulating
Facilities are the core physical features; for example, restaurants, bars, Accommodation and meeting rooms.

French: Usine Fagus à Alfeld
The Fagus Factory in Alfeld is a World Heritage Site in Germany defined by the UNESCO in 2011 and definitely a recommended cultural sightseeing location.
It is on position 35 (36, 5, 3) in our monthly survey..

Fair Isle (Shetland)is a major city in United Kingdom .

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Fair Isle (Shetland)-Airport  is an airport in Fair Isle (Shetland)/United Kingdom with the Airport Code FIE

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