Glossary P

The travel glossary. Letter P +++ 'Papua New Guinea', 'Pakistan', 'Poland'
Package  is a special offering of services and products created by a Hotel to increase sales .

Package holiday  is also known as an inclusive tour.

Package Tour  is a Tour put together by a Tour operator, offering several Travel elements that a Traveller would otherwise purchase separately.

Packaged travel  is a Package in combination of two or more types of tour
components into a product, which is produced, assembled, promoted and sold as a
Package by a Tour operator for an all-inclusive price.

Packager  is the entity that puts together the Tour product. This entity can be the travel agency or a specialized tour operator.

Padang  is a major city in Indonesia (650).

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Paderborn/Lippstadt-Airport  is an airport in Paderborn/Lippstadt/Germany with the Airport Code PAD

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