Deutsch: Reserve / Español: Reserve / Português: Reserve / Français: Réserve / Italiano: Reserve

In the travel context, 'reserve' typically refers to the act of reserving or booking a service, activity, or accommodation in advance.

Here are some examples of reserves:

  1. Hotel reservations: Travelers can reserve a room at a hotel in advance, often by phone or through an online booking platform.

  2. Restaurant reservations: Many restaurants allow diners to reserve a table in advance, especially for special occasions or during peak hours.

  3. Tour reservations: Travelers can reserve a spot on a guided tour or excursion in advance, which can help ensure availability and save time.

  4. Camping reservations: National parks and other camping areas often require reservations for campsites, especially during busy seasons.

  5. Car rental reservations: Travelers can reserve a rental car in advance to ensure availability and often get a better rate.

Other similar terms that might be used in the travel context include "booking", "reservation", "hold", "pre-book", and "pre-pay".

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