Glossary R

The travel glossary. Letter R +++ 'Reserve', 'Reach', 'Rack Rate'

Rabat  is a major city in Morocco (751).

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Rabat - Sale-Airport  is an airport in Rabat - Sale/Morocco with the Airport Code RBA

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French: Rabat , capitale moderne et ville historique : un patrimoine en partage
The Rabat, Modern Capital and Historic City: a Shared Heritage is a World Heritage Site in Morocco defined by the UNESCO in 2012 and definitely a recommended cultural sightseeing location.
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Rack Card  is the typical Tourism brochure sized 10 cm x 22.5 cm (non-metric systems: 4” x 9”) and used primarily in Tourism racks. Also known as a "teaser.”

Rack Rate  is the full, undiscounted published Room Rate charged for each Accommodation as established by the property's management.

rack-and-pinion steering  is the steering mechanism that consists of a gear that meshes with a toothed bar called a "rack." The ends of the rack are linked to the wheels with tire rods

Radio Frequency Identification  is an System used as an alternative to bar coding, in which specialised Equipment  is used to transmit data to an RFID receiver.

RAF  is the royal Air Force (UK )