Deutsch: Anlage / Español: Instalación / Português: Instalação / Français: Installation / Italiano: Struttura /

A Facility is a core physical feature; for example, restaurants, bars, Accommodation and meeting rooms.

"Facility" in the context of travel, transport, and hotels refers to the various amenities, services, and infrastructure that are available for use by guests, passengers, or visitors.

  1. In the context of hotels, "facility" can refer to the various amenities and services that the hotel offers, such as a pool, gym, spa, restaurant, and so on. For example, a hotel might advertise that it has a "Business Facility" which would include amenities such as a conference room, business center, and internet access.

  2. In the context of transportation, "facility" can refer to the infrastructure and services provided by the transportation provider. For example, an airport might advertise that it has a "VIP Facility" which would include amenities such as a lounge, separate check-in and baggage claim, and priority boarding.

  3. In the context of tours, "facility" may refer to the places or service the tour operator provides for the passengers. For example, a tour operator might offer "Ski Facility" which would include access to ski lift, ski rental, and ski lessons.

These are some examples, but again, the context may provide different meaning to the word.

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