Rack Card  is the typical Tourism brochure sized 10 cm x 22.5 cm (non-metric systems: 4” x 9”) and used primarily in Tourism racks. Also known as a "teaser.”

A rack card, also known as a brochure card, is a small, colorful, and informative print material that is typically used in the travel and hospitality industry to promote a product, service, or destination. They are typically 4x9 inches in size, which makes them easy to display and distribute in tourist information centers, hotels, motels, and other locations where potential customers may be looking for travel information.

Rack cards are a cost-effective way to advertise local attractions, events, and services to visitors and tourists. They are also widely used by hotels, resorts, and vacation rental properties to promote their amenities, services, and special offers.

Examples of rack card in the travel and transportation context include:

Rack cards are also useful for promoting seasonal offers, special events, and other promotions that are designed to increase tourism. Many companies and destinations also distribute rack cards at trade shows, conferences, and other events to attract more customers.

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