Travel Industry Association of America (TIA) is the non-profit umbrella trade organization of companies and government agencies representing all segments of the Travel industry formed to promote travel to and within the US.


The Travel Industry Association of America is a prominent organization in the travel sector, dedicated to promoting and advancing the interests of the travel industry in the United States. It serves as a powerful advocate for travel-related businesses, providing valuable resources and support. The association works to enhance the travel experience for both domestic and international travelers, while also advocating for policies that benefit the industry as a whole. Through research, education, and collaboration, the Travel Industry Association of America plays a vital role in shaping the future of travel and tourism in the country.


2009 – The U.S. Travel Association is formed when the Travel Business Roundtable, TIA and Discover America
Partnership become a single organization to best represent the domestic and international issues affecting the U.S.
travel community

Application Areas

  • Advocacy for travel-related businesses
  • Industry research and data analysis
  • Policy development and lobbying efforts
  • Promotion of travel and tourism in the United States
  • Educational programs and resources for industry professionals

Treatment and Risks

  • Benefits of industry advocacy and support for businesses
  • Risks associated with policy changes that may impact the travel industry
  • Potential treatments include collaboration with government entities and stakeholders
  • Risks of not being involved in industry associations and missing out on valuable resources


  • Collaborating with government agencies to promote travel safety measures
  • Conducting research to identify trends and opportunities in the travel industry
  • Hosting events and conferences to bring together industry professionals and stakeholders

Similar Concepts and Synonyms

  • American Travel Association
  • United States Travel Industry Association
  • Travel Industry Alliance of America


U.S.Travel Association


The Travel Industry Association of America is a key player in advocating for the travel industry in the United States, providing support, resources, and advocacy for businesses in the sector. Through research, education, and collaboration, the association works to promote the interests of the industry and enhance the travel experience for consumers.


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