Deutsch: Kreuzfahrt / Français: Cruise

Cruise or The Cruise may refer to a trip or voyage by cruise ship. a gathering of modified cars or a a distinct stage of an aircraft's flight.

In the travel context, a "cruise" refers to a vacation trip that is taken on a ship or boat that travels through various ports of call. Here are some examples of popular cruise destinations:

  • Caribbean: A popular cruise destination with many different islands and ports of call to visit.
  • Mediterranean: A cruise through the Mediterranean can include stops in cities such as Barcelona, Rome, and Athens.
  • Alaska: A cruise through Alaska can take you through the Inside Passage and visit ports such as Juneau and Ketchikan.
  • Norway: A cruise through the Norwegian fjords can take you to visit cities such as Bergen and Alesund.
  • Hawaii: A cruise through the Hawaiian Islands can take you to visit cities such as Honolulu and Maui.

Similar travel-related terms that may be associated with cruises include:

  • River cruises: A type of cruise that travels on rivers, often through scenic areas such as the Danube or the Rhine.
  • Expedition cruises: A type of cruise that travels to remote destinations, such as the Arctic or the Galapagos Islands.
  • Luxury cruises: A type of cruise that offers high-end amenities and accommodations, often with smaller ships and personalized service.
  • Theme cruises: A type of cruise that is centered around a particular interest or activity, such as music or culinary arts.
  • Tall ship cruises: A type of cruise that travels on traditional sailing ships, often offering a more traditional sailing experience.

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