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Finish  is a liquid applied to floors that enhances the appearance of the floor and dries to a protective coating. Finishes come in wax-based or polymer types.

Finland  is a country in Europe.

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  • Capital:Helsinki
  • Other large cities:
  • Continent:Europe
  • Language:
  • Total Area:
  • Population:
  • Time Zone
  • Calling Code:
  • Top Level Domain:
  • Major Sightseeing Sites

Bordering Areas (clockwise, starting in the north)


First  is a Class of travel. Travelling First is a Luxury few CAN afford. Most airlines now offer a totally exclusive First-Class lounge and when you fly you are treated to more space,
Most aircraft have at least some First class seats up front, which offer much more Room and upgraded cabin service, meals, etc. Worth the price on some long, international destinations, if you can afford it
First Nations  is a collective term for the original, pre-European inhabitants of the US, Canada , Hawaii, Australia and New Zealand .
First Officer  is the person in the cockpit sitting in the Right Seat with 3-stripes on their Shoulder epaulets. The First Officer, often referred to as the co-pilot (both the Captain
FIT  is the foreign Independent tour - actually used generically now for a Travel Package put together by a Travel Agent from separate components such as car, Hotel and airfare, adjusted exactly as the traveler wishes.
Five Star Hotel
Luxury hotels; most expensive hotels/resorts ; numerous extras to enhance the Quality of the client's stay (for example: private Golf courses and even a small private airport