Kiribati is a country in Oceania. Due to the increasing sea level, this country will not exist anymore in about 50 years (estimation in 2012).

Because of the huge distances between the outer islands, Kiribati belongs to the largest countries in the world, but only if you include the ocean in-between.

This country is on position 214 (153, 198, 106) in our monthly Top100 of Countries.

The area between the outer islands covers 5.2 km² (Austrailia 7.7 km²). Larger countries are only Russia, Canada, USA, China and Brazil

Until 1990 the International Date Line runs through Kiribati's territory. After the realignment of the IDL to have the same day in the whole territory, the most eastern island of Kiribati has a time of UTC+14. So, if you want to celebrate the very first New Year on Earth, you should go the Millennium Island of Kiribati, which switch to January, 1st at Dec, 31, 10am London Time (UTC). Or you celebrate it 4 hours later at 20:00 (8pm) Sydney Time or 14:00 UTC, where normally the New Year is welcomed.


Bordering Areas (clockwise, starting in the north):

  • Pacific


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