Glossary A

The travel glossary. Letter A +++ 'Automatic Slip Feed (ASF)', 'Airport', 'Australia'

A la carte  is when ordering a meal, refers to ordering just one single food item. A la carte steak would mean just the steak without any sides.

A la Carte Menu  is a food and drink menu in which each item is listed and priced separately.

A-Pillar  is the part of a vehicle's body design that provides reinforcement and strength, located on either side of the front windshield; the width of these pillars affects visibility

A/C means aircraft (in other contexts: Aircondition)

AA  is the UK Automobile Association

AAA  is american Automobile Association

French: Cathédrale d'Aix-la-Chapelle
The Aachen Cathedral is a World Heritage Site in Germany defined by the UNESCO in 1978 and definitely a recommended cultural sightseeing location.
It is on position 8 (6, 8, 104) in our monthly survey..