Amenity is an item or service placed in guestrooms or offered to guests for their comfort and convenience, and at no extra cost.

Examples include various guest services (such as automatic check-out, in-room entertainment systems, concierge services free parking and multilingual staff) in addition to an array of personal bathroom items offered by most hotels.

Amenities are designed to enhance a guest's stay, increase a hotel's appeal, and encourage guests to return.

Amenities can vary depending on the type of travel and the level of service provided, and can include things like free Wi-Fi, fitness centers, and complimentary breakfasts.

Examples of amenities in the travel context include:

  1. Free Wi-Fi in hotel rooms or on airplanes.
  2. Complimentary breakfast offered by a bed and breakfast.
  3. A fitness center in a hotel or on a cruise ship.
  4. A pool and hot tub at a resort.
  5. In-flight entertainment on a long-haul flight.

Similar things to amenities in the travel context include:

  1. Services - additional services offered by accommodations or transportation companies such as room service, airport transfers, or concierge services.
  2. Activities - organized activities offered by accommodations or transportation companies such as guided tours, cooking classes, or yoga sessions.
  3. Upgrades - options to upgrade accommodations or transportation services for additional comfort or convenience such as upgrading to a suite or purchasing priority boarding.
  4. Complimentary items - items provided by accommodations or transportation companies such as toiletries, robes, or slippers.
  5. Discounts - special offers or discounts offered by accommodations or transportation companies such as loyalty program discounts or group rates.

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